I hand print my designs onto a hand spun and hand
woven raw silk fabric. Inspiration, whether it be from Moroccan architecture, Japanese landscapes, Indonesian Paisley, Liberty of London or Kilim Rug patterns are fused with imagination and put into a complex and skillful creative process.

New and fresh pieces are designed every year as I believe that a constant flux and flow guides me to create art unlike any other fiber artist today.

The predominant art medium used is a silk screening technique which involves the use of two seventy foot long wax tables. The wax insures that the delicate fabric will stay in place, as up to eight different screens can be pulled (layered) on just one piece of fabric. Colors are never repeated, allowing each print to be truly unique. After the
fabric has dried, I combine two different designs of silk fabrics together, which results in a Reversible One- of-a Kind extraordinary wrap.

Each piece is cut numerous times (before and after it is sewn) for exact precision, so it drapes gracefully and perfectly on any body type. I also provide a more affordable option using 100% vintage silk.  Please click here to go to


and see some more unique wrap skirts using vintage silk fabric.

I have studied and taken textile courses in Italy, the U.S., the U.K., and India. Creating textiles and clothing is a true joy for me and I hope wearing one will be a true joy for you.