Q:  What is the Difference between Crepe silk and Hand Crafted silk?

A:  Crepe silk is a much higher quality silk on many levels.  It has more complex spinning and weaving techniques applied and the print designs are much sharper and clearer because of it. Crepe silk is also denser and heavier.  In other terms, Crepe silk is like 24 kt gold and handcrafted silk is 18 kt gold.  Crepe silk also has some stretch to it because of the special spinning and weaving which hugs the body beautifully and feels great too.

Both silks are lovely.  If you are looking for luxury haute couture silk, crepe is your choice.  If you are looking for a high end light silk, the hand crafted silk is a great option.  It is a personal preference.

Q:  Is there a difference in washing Crepe Silk Vs the Handcrafted Silk?

A:  Yes.  Because of the complex and sophisticated weaving of Crepe I recommend a Dry Clean.  The Hand Crafted silk has a plain weave which means it can be washed by hand in cold water.  Please click here to go to the 'Care' page where there are further details.